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Beyond Big Bird: The top five reasons to keep PBS

At a debate where he was declared the winner by virtually every news channel, Republican candidate for president Mitt Romney did make one major gaffe. He called for federal funding to PBS to be eliminated, despite the fact that he loved Big Bird. Cadenza does not view this attack on our childhoods as a good way to appeal to young voters on Romney’s part and would like to offer our list of reasons why Romney ought to reverse his position. Loving “Sesame Street” is a Main Street value, after all.


Aardvarks teaching morals. One of the cutest animated dogs on television (Pal). A theme song that everyone knows. What more do you want? Don’t be like Muffy Crosswire, Romney. Teach us that not all rich people are self-centered. –Jamie Gottlieb

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“Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends”

It teaches the value of public transportation to a younger generation (although it might also teach them that inanimate objects can talk). It also introduced an alternate form of transportation for the airplane-phobic children, and if you’re like me and grew up in Hawaii where trains didn’t exist, it was an eye opener. –Georgie Morvis


Along with having a titular character played by both a talking puppet (cool) and a real live lemur (cooler), “Zoboomafoo” was another Kratt Brothers series, and who didn’t love the animal lovers? The show taught me what a pun is—as every time the delivery bird would swoop in, one of the brothers would yell “Duck!” and the other brother would quickly point out that it was a hawk or an owl. Yes, my favorite episode was where the duck actually turned out to be a duck. –Georgie Morvis

“Lamb Chop’s Play-Along”

It teaches youth to annoy their elders by singing the song that doesn’t end. This song turned into a strategy by any youngster to get what he wanted by being incessantly annoying (perhaps a new strategy for Washington). But it’s catchy, and Lamb Chop is cute. –Jamie Gottlieb

“Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood”

Mr. Rogers taught us the importance of a nice sweater and also changing clothes. Plus, who doesn’t sing “It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood” whenever it’s gorgeous outside? –Georgie Morvis

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