Jamie Oliver: Bringing the ‘Revolution’ to LA

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Last season on Jamie Oliver’s “Food Revolution,” Oliver brought his ideas of fresh food and delicious nutrition to the public schools of Huntington, W. Va. Huntington was carefully selected because of its reputation as America’s fattest city. Oliver introduced his ideas in such a way that he forced the people of the Huntington school district to realize that he was right. He showed them that they needed to change their unhealthy eating habits, so they agreed to stay with Oliver’s nourishment plan.

This Tuesday, a new season finds Oliver in Los Angeles, which houses the largest public school district in America. But this time, the school district isn’t so welcoming. The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) refused to let Oliver’s television crews enter any public school, meaning that Oliver must take his food battle to the streets.

After reshaping the country’s unhealthiest town, Oliver wanted to take on the big city. The LAUSD, however, is putting up roadblocks, hindering any of Oliver’s attempts to bring fresh food into Southern California’s cafeterias. Oliver takes action through a variety of methods including opening up his own educational kitchen in an LA neighborhood and staging a protest at a school lunch convention.

It seems like Oliver’s only hope at this point is to rely on the power of parents. The first episode shows parents lamenting over both the poor quality of their children’s school-provided meals and the compliance of restaurants on the street.

Tune in to ABC this Tuesday at 8/7 central to join the Revolution.

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