Now hear this: Best Coast & Bleached

| Senior Cadenza Editor

Who: Best Coast, Bleached

Where: The Firebird (2706 Olive)

When: Monday, September 16 Doors at 8 p.m., show at 9 p.m.

Price: $20

Temperatures may have temporarily dipped back into the 70s, signaling the end of this long, long summer, but they’re predicted to go back up into the high 80s this week. Autumn may finally be on our doorstep, but the sticky and hot summer is doing its best to stay alive and prevent sweater weather from arriving.

If there’s one band that can help keep summer alive, it’s Los Angeles-based duo Best Coast. Best Coast consists of vocalist-guitarist Bethany Cosentino and bassist Bob Bruno, who have made two albums of sunshine-filled surf rock together. The band plays at the Firebird this Monday, Sept. 16, at 9 p.m.

Best Coast’s signature sound of lo-fi guitar riffs and catchy lyrics has not evolved much over its two albums, “Crazy For You” and “The Only Place,” but it’s a pleasantly enjoyable sound. Almost every one of the band’s songs calls to mind the hottest season of the year, like “Summer Mood,” “Happy,” “Honey” and “Up All Night.” Hopefully it play its buzziest song, “Our Deal,” which generated a video directed by Drew Barrymore and starring Hollywood notables like Shailene Woodley, Donald Glover and Alia Shawkat.

The opening act will be another duo, Bleached, that comes with an added twist: they’re sisters as well. The rocking pair of Jessica and Jennifer Clavin is also from Los Angeles and has a similar California-garage-band sound to Best Coast. Its single “Dead in Your Head” could be the soundtrack to a day at the Santa Monica Pier. Bleached released its debut album, “Ride Your Heart,” back in April.

Doors open for this last-gasp-of-summer show at 8 p.m at the Firebird. Tickets are $20, with a $2 surcharge for minors.

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