Ben Folds with Street Corner Symphony at the Pageant

| Cadenza Reporter

Show Info

Sunday, Jan. 30
The Pagent
21+: $32
under 21: $34
7 pm
8 pm

Let’s be honest. Every girl wishes that a boy would play “The Luckiest” for her. My psychology teacher in high school goes to at least one Ben Folds concert a year, and if your roommate procrastinates a lot with YouTube like mine does, you’ve seen some of Ben Folds’ entertaining performances, including his Chatroulette experience onstage in Charlotte, N.C.

Not only is Folds a performer, he is also a judge for “The Sing-Off.” Opening for him is Street Corner Symphony, the runner-up from this past season. Hailing from Tennessee, their laid back sound makes me swoon. They’re a group of guys that love making music, drinking beer and having a good time, and I’m so pleased that Folds chose them to open for his concert.

With a music career that spans more than 15 years, Ben Folds has fans old and new that will find something to enjoy, whether it be the chill vibe or the snarky humor.

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