Concert preview: The Psychonomics Show featuring The Hibernauts, Dear Vincent, and Kid Scientist

| Cadenza Reporter

When: Saturday, Nov. 20
Doors: 8:30
Show: 9:00

Where: Off Broadway, 3509 Lemp Avenue
Metro Access: None
How Much: under 21: $11
21+: $8

No branch of social science parties harder than psycholinguistics. It’s a little-known fact, to be sure, but one that can easily be taken advantage of this weekend, when the annual Psychonomic Society conference comes to St. Louis. To satisfy the linguists’ lust for lively lyrics (and alliteration), Off Broadway will feature local indie favorites The Hibernauts, Dear Vincent and Kid Scientist.
Since the release of their 2007 album “Periodic Fable,” The Hibernauts have been showered with praise from the Riverfront Times and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, and rightfully so. Their brand of dynamically catchy pop-rock will get you moving, but there’s no need to worry about overexerting yourself: The down-tempo, deliciously dreary dirges of Dear Vincent will provide a much needed break between The Hibernauts and a dose of beautifully nuanced piano-pop from Kid Scientist, featuring Wash. U.’s very own Joe Taylor.
Head out to Off Broadway this Saturday to indulge in some local-band goodness and rub shoulders with Ph.D.s from around the world.

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