Icona Pop will keep the party going ‘All Night’

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Social Programming Board announced last night that Icona Pop will headline this year’s fall W.I.L.D. on Oct. 24. While the Swedish dance-pop group might not have been the most inspired choice on SPB’s W.I.L.D. survey, it was probably the most fitting (and obviously the most popular) option, which gives us high hopes for an energetic, crowd-pleasing show.

In case you haven’t listened to pop radio in the past two years, this Stockholm-based duo (made up of Caroline Hjelt and Aino Jawo) is the force behind “I Love It,” that 2012 smash hit about pushing things down the stairs. Whether you think the song is empowering or just annoying, there’s no arguing that it’s darn catchy. In fact, most of Icona Pop’s repertoire—which also includes songs like “All Night” and “Girlfriend”—is incredibly high-energy and danceable, which is pretty much the only qualification for a good fall W.I.L.D. headliner. Historically, fall W.I.L.D. has almost always gone the electronic/pop route with its performers, and I would consider Icona Pop a significant step up from past artists like Karmin and Wolfgang Gartner.

The W.I.L.D. survey that SPB sent out over the summer had plenty of good options, but it’s no surprise that Icona Pop came out on top. A few of the choices were rappers (Ludacris, Nas and Lupe Fiasco), which is fine, but considering that the past three W.I.L.D.s all featured headliners from the rap/hip-hop realm, it’s probably about time for a change.

Several electronic artists (Flying Lotus, Jamie xx, Afrojack and Gramatik) were also included, and while electronic dance music is certainly conducive to dancing and debauchery, it just doesn’t have the same energy as a more vocal-driven performance.

Most of the rest of the list (Grouplove, Portugal. The Man, Matt and Kim, and Trombone Shorty) could basically be ruled out due to their recent appearances at LouFest (not to mention Matt and Kim’s 2011 WUStock performance). On top of everything else, Icona Pop was the only female-fronted group on the survey and will be the first all-female W.I.L.D. headliner in several years. Hooray for girl power!

Icona Pop is also a great choice when it comes to logistics. The duo is coming to W.I.L.D. as part of the Campus Consciousness Tour, a tour focused on eco-friendliness and sustainability. We all know how much Wash. U. loves being green, so this year, all those compost bins and boxes of water on Brookings Quadrangle will be especially fitting. Also, the fact that Icona Pop is coming to campus as part of a sponsored tour makes the performance cheaper than a one-off show. That leaves SPB extra money to use elsewhere for W.I.L.D.—perhaps for better openers or a bigger spring W.I.L.D.

Icona Pop only has two albums under its belt (2012’s “Icona Pop” and 2013’s “This Is… Icona Pop”), but there are more than enough crowd-pleasing jams across the two to make for an exciting performance. And as someone who saw Icona Pop perform at LouFest last year, I can attest that its songs are even more fun live than they are on the record. Icona Pop isn’t exactly a Pitchfork-approved, Grammy-winning artist, but the group’s songs are great to dance and sing along to. And when it comes to fall W.I.L.D., what more can you ask for?

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