Song of the Day: “Dreamers” by Scavenger Hunt

Courtesy of Edith Bo
For today’s Song of the Day, I’ve chosen “Dreamers” by rising Los Angeles-based band Scavenger Hunt. Check out the full writeup on the Student Life blog. In addition, Student Life conducted a brief email interview with the band.


Student Life: Who would you consider your biggest musical influences?

Scavenger Hunt: Fleetwood Mac, Prince, Madonna, Phoenix


SL: What inspired the song “Dreamers”?

SH: With “Dreamers,” we wanted to write a danceable, fun track that will get everyone up and moving! Lyrically, I tried to write a song that all young people can relate to. We are all Dreamers.


SL: Is there an album in the works?

SH: Yes, absolutely! Right now we only have two original tracks available for purchase, but our first EP is on the way. Lots of exciting stuff in the near future!


SL: What’s one song you can’t get enough of currently?

SH: I am currently obsessed with the son “Red Eyes” by the band The War on Drugs. It’s so addicting!


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