Top 5 music-based YouTube memes

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It’s that time in the semester where procrastination seems to take over and work gets put to the wayside. We in Cadenza like to turn to YouTube to keep ourselves occupied, and here are five of our favorites.

5. Literal music videos
Do you feel like music videos should have something to do with the actual song? If so, you should check out these “literal music videos,” in which the video and the lyrics actually match. These music videos with remade lyrics will make you appreciate the overly dramatic and avant-garde visuals and the subsequent weirdness/stupidity that are in music videos of these days. Some of the best include “You’re Beautiful (Literal Video Version)” and “Safety Dance- literal video of an 80’s band on LSD.

4. “Sex Ed Rocks!” by Smosh ft. I Set My Friends on Fire
You know something hardcore is going to happen when Smosh teams up with comedy screamo band I Set My Friends on Fire to make a video about sex education. Musically, this video is an outrageous parody of the post-hardcore/metalcore genre. The screams, riffs, synthesizer, autotuned chorus part and brutal breakdowns are all present, just like in any other song of this genre. This ridiculously informative music video should be shown to all high school kids out there, as it may be a more effective sex education than anything they learn in school. Also check out “Four Years Foreplay” by Smosh and I Set My Friends on Fire.

3. “Friday” by Rebecca Black
Parodies are funny. Unintentional parodies are even funnier. Rebecca Black’s “Friday” is such an unintentional parody of today’s teen pop. It epitomizes the genre’s uninspired lyrics and music, autotuned and horrible singing, and the random gangsta rap that somehow legitimizes the genre. By listening to this song, you’ll get a good idea of how today’s teenagers party with middle-aged rappers. Besides giving people a good laugh, it also teaches people the days of the week. Awesome.

2. “Cannibal Corpse – Hammer Smashed Face (Radio Disney Version)” by Andy Rehfeldt
The radio-friendly version of the death metal band Cannibal Corpse’s “Hammer Smashed Face” is a perfect way to learn the lyrics you would otherwise not (want to) hear when listening to death metal. With lines like “I feel like killing…YOU!!!” and “Eyes bulging from their sockets/With every swing of my mallet,” this sure will make a perfect song in a typical Disney movie. It’s even funnier to see all the metal heads in the video bang their heads to this happy song. Andy Rehfeldt’s talents also include making pop into death metal, making metal into reggae and making hip-hop into polka. You should check out the death metal version of Louie Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World.”

1. “‘Gang Fight’ — Rebecca Black, as interpreted by a bad lip reader” by Bad Lip Reading
Bad Lip Reading saved the world from the “Friday” apocalypse with their remake of Rebecca Black’s hit, entitled “Gang Fight.” The same video is used, but the lyrics and music are different. Best of all, it actually seems like Black is singing about hanging out with her Nazi friends and starting a gang fight while wondering if she’s going to have chicken to eat. The original cheap music is replaced by some badass beats that completely destroy Black’s version.

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