‘Fastlife’ | Joe Jonas

| Cadenza Reporter

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“I’m Sorry,” “Kleptomaniac”

Besides looking like a cross between the orange monster that is The Situation and a younger and creepier Enrique Iglesias, Joe Jonas falls short of differentiating himself as both an artist and as a single Jonas. His first solo album, “Fastlife,” is uninspired and unoriginal. The 22-year-old Jonas Brother attempts to show a newfound maturity, but that doesn’t jive with his effort to keep to his pop-loving tween fans happy. This unattainable goal results in awkward songs like “See No More” and “Just in Love,” both of which sound like bad covers of songs we’ve already heard. The pop album is filled with the clichéd songs of love and heartbreak and lacks both the necessary maturity and the lyrical merits of successful songs. Although the accompanying music is not actually bad (thanks to master producers and writers like Chris Brown and Lil Wayne), it gets ruined by the Jonas bro trying too hard to make the leap to from cute Jonas Brother to “bad-boy” solo act. Maybe Joe should just stick with his boy-banded brotherly ways.

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