‘Punk Goes Pop, Volume 3’ | Various Artists

| Cadenza Reporter

If you’ve ever felt like it takes absolutely no talent to get a song on the radio these days, then you can probably imagine how little talent it takes for some nobody punk band to cover a recent pop song. Though the musical quality of pop songs can be argued, “Punk Goes Pop, Vol. 3” seems to lose everything good about them. The album replaces the catchy hooks from allegedly good (and likely auto-tuned) songs and replaces them with annoying yelling and screaming.

The upside to these laughable covers is that the artists seem to know that these covers aren’t to be taken seriously. For instance, Woe, Is Me changes one of the lines in Katy Perry’s “Hot ’N’ Cold” to “You change your mind like a psycho bitch / but the sex is good / so I think I’ll keep you around.” If taken as comedy, “Punk Goes Pop, Vol. 3” is entertaining for at least the first listen, but taken for its musical value, the album is a waste of time.

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Tracks to download: ‘Bad Romance,’ ‘Run This Town’

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