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Escape the Fate’s self-titled third album can be pretty accurately judged by its cover, which depicts the four band members arranged in a goth-rock homage to 80s metal and Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” video. Each song benefits from florid orchestration with both traditional and modern elements: the early tracks in particular make heavy use of roboticized feedback noises, but a sick harpsichord breakdown also makes an appearance. The overall product is some sublime horror-pop, thrash-metal-inspired dance tracks.

The best tracks on “Escape the Fate” are overwhelmingly on the first half of the album. “Choose Your Fate” begins atmospherically, adding electronic and choral elements to create a haunting layered effect. The layering feeds seamlessly into “Massacre,” which is blessed with one of the most high-energy guitar riffs in recent memory.

The obvious metal influences fade as the album progresses. The combination of upbeat melodies and darker instrumentation keeps the record sounding fresh, though that too fades. The end of “Escape the Fate” isn’t bad by any means, but it loses much of its originality, particularly with the obligatory piano ballad “World Around Me.” It’s still a record worth picking up—I’d give the first half five stars and the back half three.

For fans of: Avenged Sevenfold, blessthefall, Chiodos
Tracks to download: ‘Massacre,’ ‘Gorgeous Nightmare,’ ‘The Aftermath

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