The Indefinite Definitive | Unknown Component

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The Indefinite Definitive | Unknown Component

From the incongruence of the album art to the dissonance between the song titles and the instrumentals, Unknown Component’s “The Infinite Definitive” is confusing. To Keith Lynch’s credit, he is a self-taught musician and does play all of the instruments on the recording. The instrumentals are easy to listen to and become progressively more creative, but the vocals and lyrics are unoriginal and flat. Lynch’s voice is whiny, and the instrumentals and lyrics struggle to compensate. Unknown Component is self-produced, and it shows. But the album shows potential. Although Lynch isn’t quite ready to play with the big boys, with some adjustment, he may be someone to look out for.

For fans of: Owsley or a simplified Something Corporate
Tracks to download: ‘Every Measure And Space,’ ‘Electric Dissolution’

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