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Chiodos | Illuminaudio

Simply put, the reconstructive surgery that the Michigan-based band “Chiodos” underwent with the replacement of lead vocalist Craig Owens created a better, stronger, godlike monster of a post-hardcore outfit. Owens’ replacement, former “Yesterday’s Rising” frontman Brandon Bolmer, quite literally gave the band a new voice that not only exceeded worried fans’ expectations but kickstarted the sextuplet’s best era.

The album starts with the title track, which can only be described as a series of uncomfortable electronic noises with the subtle entrance of emotionally intense and fitting vocals by Bolmer. Setting the mood for the album, “Illuminaudio” seamlessly transforms into “Caves,” a truly heavy and powerful masterpiece that really shows off Bolmer’s chops.

Bolmer, however, is not the sole deserver of praise for the fantastic musicality of “Illuminaudio”; both the perfectly layered keyboard and synthesizer tracks, as well as the harmonic and headbanging guitar riffs drive the album.

“Illuminaudio” is a flawless, perfect album and will be deemed holy by any fan of post-hardcore, or any lover of good music.

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Tracks to download: ‘Caves,’ ‘Modern Wolf Hair,’ ‘Notes in Constellations’

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