‘Glory’ | Flashbulb Fires

| Cadenza Reporter

For fans of: Arcade Fire, Radiohead, Coldplay

Tracks to download: “Pyramid Scheme,” “Brunette,” “Et Lex Perpetual”

From a quick glance at the cover of “Glory,” the debut release from Denver-based, indie-pop band Flashbulb Fires, any music lover bored to death of the allegedly artsy genre will immediately see the light. The simple yet mysteriously strong image on the cover hints at the foursome’s distinct creativity that rarely exists in the music of their contemporaries.

Flashbulb Fires couples layered sounds and harmonies from horn sections and string instruments with pleasantly matching vocal harmonies, infusing a sense of personality absent from the genre. In the song “Brunette,” a subtle but notably persistent trumpet line combined with layered guitar melodies provides a complexity that keeps all ten toes tapping.

Lead singer Patrick McGuire’s soft, yet powerful lyrics, such as, “They cut my wrists, but I wouldn’t bleed,” give the album a sound that doesn’t, as most indie music does, instantly fade to so-called atmosphere music.

“Glory” is truly an album for any indie fan looking for actual creativity and a band that can really play its instruments, or anyone looking for the savior of the indie genre.

Flashbulb Fires will play Cicero’s on the 14th with The Idle Commission.

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