‘The Dissent of Man’ | Bad Religion

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'The Dissent of Man' | Bad Religion

Bad Religion is back, serving up another helping of their signature politicized punk rock. The first track, “The Day That the Earth Stalled,” wouldn’t have sounded out of place on either of Bad Religion’s past two albums, giving rise to fears that they may be stuck in a rut. Fortunately, the rest of the record lays those fears to rest.

The key Bad Religion elements are firmly in place—power chords, harmonized “oohs” and “aahs” and drumming that keeps everything cohesive and chugging along—but the band has moved beyond the formula to create a record that streamlines and updates their sound. The treble guitar on “Wrong Way Kids” and “Only Rain” is pleasantly reminiscent of their earlier track, “The Quickening.”

Singer Greg Graffin busts out of his vocal comfort zone on tracks like “Someone to Believe” and “The Resist Stance,” opting for a higher range with a greater emotional payoff. As always, the lyrics are worth a close listen. Intricate wordplay shares the stage with an insistent political message.

Love old Bad Religion but want a new twist on it? Never listened to them before but feel like political punk is for you? Grab “The Dissent of Man.”

for fans of: Rise Against, Anti-Flag
tracks to download: ‘Someone to Believe,’ ‘Ad Hominem,’ ‘Pride and the Pallor’

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