Strung Out, Rufio, and Mute Rock at the Firebird

| Cadenza Reporter

It’s been almost twenty years since Strung Out formed in Simi Valley, California, and during their show at the Firebird on Sept. 24, the guys were showing both their maturity and their continued exuberance. The set raced along at breakneck speed with a mix of new songs and enough old tracks to keep the diehards happy. Due to a trailer accident, Strung Out and openers Rufio and Mute were stuck sharing gear. If anything, this only added to the communal DIY nature of the show, with members of various bands joining in the mosh pit during each other’s sets.

Mute, originally from Canada, got the crowd going with some serious shredding and rocking oot. (Their words, not mine.) Warped Tour stalwarts Rufio were in top form in a small venue, responding to pleas from the crowd for old songs. The three bands together were a whirlwind of earnest vocals, metal-inspired riffs and intense drumming prowess. Drinks were spilled, elbows were thrown and a good old fashioned punk-rock time was had by all.

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