‘Real Ghosts Caught on Tape’ | Fake Problems

| Music Editor

With lyrics like “I will pretend to be asleep so that no one will notice me,” Fake Problems might sound like a downer band if they didn’t have what is perhaps the jauntiest of jaunty guitar licks around. Such is the dichotomy presented in “Real Ghosts:” if you listen closely to the lyrics, you might die a little inside, but the involuntary dancing that will follow on its heels gets your hot blood pumping again.

Is it a commentary on adolescents’ flawed perception of strife? We don’t care; we just want to crank the tight guitar fills and clean multi-part vocals and clap along until we forget about history papers and bio tests. And though the mercury is dropping in St. Louis, we can hold on to the last shred of summer with the Florida band’s beach-ready punk, wearing the album out until we can sing along with frontman Chris Farren’s malleable vocals on every track.

for fans of: The Gaslight Anthem, Against Me!
tracks to download: ‘Soulless,’ ‘Done with Fun,’ ‘5678’

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