‘Symptoms + Cures’ | Comeback Kid

| Cadenza Reporter

The cover of Canadian hardcore outfit “Comeback Kid’s” new album shows a figure diving headfirst into a mysterious pit of darkness. That’s a pretty accurate depiction of how it feels listening to “Symptoms + Cures’” thrashing, edgy guitars, lively drums and manic vocals.

From the first second of “Do Yourself a Favor,” it’s clear that “Symptoms + Cures” is a heavier album than any of their more recent work. Andrew Neufeld’s melodic yet hardcore vocals, along with catchy, heavy guitar riffs will send chills down any hardcore aficionado’s spine. It should go a long way toward reviving the band’s roots.

As the album progresses, “Comeback Kid” distances itself from its older material with experimental songs like “Magnet Pull” and “Pull Back the Reins,” but combine the new with the old in a way that won’t leave long-time fans disappointed. Overall, this a great buy for both the hardcore fanatic and anyone who loves experimental, polished, heavy rock in a completely different form.

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Tracks to Download: ‘Do Yourself a Favor,’ ‘G.M. Vincent & I,’ ‘Symptoms + Cures’

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