Something for the Rest of Us | The Goo Goo Dolls

| Cadenza Reporter

“Something for the Rest of Us” sounds more like a sophomore album by a band that’s still trying to find its voice than by the seasoned Goo Goo Dolls. There’s nothing creative about this album; every song is reminiscent of another, and the chord progressions are predictable. The tracks “Nothing is Real” and “Now I Hear” have lyrics that are riddled with teenage angst. John Rzeznik’s voice is, with some exceptions, as calming as ever. His heartfelt lyrics coupled with beautiful piano and strings in “Still Your Song” have the potential to make it a great acoustic piece, but if you’re looking for the new “Iris,” you won’t find it here. Most of the tracks aren’t worth the buy, but there are a few gems that you might want to download.

For fans of: OneRepublic, Matt Nathanson, The Calling
Tracks to download: ‘Still Your Song,’ ‘Soldier’

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