Red Velvet Car | Heart

| Cadenza Reporter

A lot of rockers are getting older, and you can tell. Not so with Heart and “Red Velvet Car.” Most of the songs on this album definitely do not feel like old Heart, as they decided to go with a folksier feel, but this is still Heart, and they still know how to rock. Vocals are as powerful as ever, and their guitar work is still intricate. Don’t worry, old Heart fans, there still are some sounds like the classic track “Barracuda.” “Wheels” is a fantastic song that really brings on a great bass line and powerful voices. The deeply emotive “Hey You” is a fantastic track. Overall, this is a great CD and is a must buy for any lover of Heart or great classic rock in general. The only downside is that the rock only lasts 35 minutes.

For fans of: Aerosmith, Steve Miller Band, CCR
Tracks to download: ‘Wheels’ ‘Hey You’

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