The Martian (Boot-Scootin’) Boogie

| Senior Cadenza Editor

Sophomore Oliver Avery sings an Amateurs original, “Probably Up.” Photo by Holden Hindes | Student Life

After sitting in BD for approximately seven hours, I started to notice an alarming amount of cowboy hats peeking through the masses of students. At first I was confused, but soon after I appreciated this sentiment that reminded me of home. Not long after did I realize that the line for the Mosaic Whispers and The Amateurs concert was flooding out of Risa Commons and into the dining area. At this point, I decided to jump in line to secure a good place to sit. 

The turnout was amazing, and the show ended up selling out. People were so eager to watch that they chose to stand in the back of the room throughout the show. A friend and I anxiously awaited the show to start, and when they finally did, we were absolutely blown away. 

The Mosaic Whispers kicked off the night with three amazing soloists who immediately set the energetic tone for the rest of the show. The first song, “Particular Taste” by Janelle Monàe and Shawn Mendes, featured soloists Manasi Gummaraju and Henry Goddard, demonstrating the great bond between the members of the group. 

After an amazing performance with soloist Kidist Taye, The Amateurs took the stage with the soulful classic “Take the Box” by Amy Winehouse. Covering someone like Amy Winehouse is a heavy task, but The Amateurs exceeded expectations. Soloist Grace Brady brought the perfect amount of emotion to match Winehouse’s energy but still allowed for her own musical creativity to flow through. My only question: Who hurt you? 

Senior Madelyn Quiroz sings her last solo with the Mosaic Whispers. Photo by Holden Hindes | Student Life

I was in for a surprise when intermission came; the WU Juggling Club showed up and showed out. While they seemed to exhibit some hesitation upon performing for the first time in 2 years, they amazed the crowd. From the behind-the-back tricks to the juggling of shoes and cowboy hats, the Juggling Club proved that WashU does in fact have school spirit. 

The two groups made their way back after the intermission in formal attire instead of the alien cowboy look they previously rocked. After the jugglers left, the lights were dimmed again, and the music commenced. Senior Madelyn Quiroz led with a heartfelt solo, noting her final performance with the Mosaic Whispers. Her vocal range was on display; she demonstrated such strong vocal control while still perfectly executing those belted notes. 

The Amateurs sang the night to an end, leaving the audience stunned by the diversity of talent. The groups seemed to adapt well to having to wear masks while performing, and they proved that they could still execute at such a high quality regardless of the restraint. 

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