Audiophiles: 5 love songs to listen to this Valentine’s Day

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After an insanely long January, we’ve finally reached February, which means Valentine’s Day is coming up. And the only thing better than capitalistic holidays that feed on our emotions for profit is music! Do artists use capitalism to profit off of their own emotions? Yes. But do they verbalize their feelings of love better than we ever could? Also yes. So with that, here are 5 cute love songs to listen to this Valentine’s Day season!

i’m in love

Elliot Jones
To be honest, I have no idea how I first came across Elliot Jones, but I’m so glad I did. His song “i’m in love” is upbeat, danceable and about burgeoning love. The way Jones sings about being in love is truly infectious and makes you wish you were in a blooming romance yourself.


Kendrick Lamar, Zacari
Kendrick Lamar is, and I cannot stress this enough, my idol. On “LOVE.” Lamar pairs his rap skills with singer Zacari’s soulful sound in order to create an incredible and layered love song. The track catches Lamar both professing his love for his partner and questioning the unconditional element of their relationship. The track, much like the rapper, portrays a perfect and intriguing amount of duality.


This song is basically the real-world actualization of the sparkle emoji. Inspired by Ghost Town DJs’ “My Boo,” “Vintage” is a buoyant and incredibly catchy song about rekindling an old flame. Love is messy, complicated and sometimes even reckless, but this song holds space for that and even celebrates it. Plus, the music video is a cinematic masterpiece.

Right There

Ariana Grande, Big Sean
I knew I couldn’t write an article about love songs without throwing in this classic throwback. Have I routinely listened to this song since it came out in 2013? Absolutely. “Right There” catches Grande using her vocal prowess to commemorate being in a loving relationship that she knows is just right. Partner that with Big Sean’s unique flow and you have an iconic song about the joys of being in love, even if these two aren’t anymore.

ILYSB – Stripped

The stripped version of ILYSB has fewer production elements than the original version, making it both more intimate and more vulnerable. The chorus of the song reads “Oh my heart hurts so good/I love you babe, so bad” and the love fused in the lines is clear. There’s nothing like hearing Paul Klein—the band’s lead singer—croon the sappy lyrics, and it’s the perfect song to share with your special someone.

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