Black TV is good TV: Favorite TV shows for Black History Month

| Senior Cadenza Editor

I’m not a particular fan of “Friends,” “Fraiser” or “Will and Grace.” Hordes of people find them funny and love them, but alas, I am not one of those people; however, I do love “The Golden Girls” on account of it being my mother’s favorite television show. Is it a cultural thing, or is my sense of humor just different? Who knows!

But, in general, everyone could use some new TV shows to watch, and since it’s Black History Month, why not have them be on theme? It’s still kind of the beginning of the semester, so while we’re all still motivated and getting our work done on time—even early—here are some Black TV shows you should watch in your free time, while you still have some.

Illustration by Josh Zucker

“Family Matters”

An older show but still a classic, “Family Matters” features the iconic character Steve Urkel with his famous catchphrase in that high, beloved and annoying nasally voice, “Did I do that?” Urkel, played by Jaleel White, is the main character of this show, and his loveable antics and bumbling mistakes make him more than just the annoying nerd next door.


What doesn’t “Black-ish” do? It’s funny, there’s relatable content and I always learn something from watching it. It’s just entertaining and a good show all around. Anthony Anderson and Tracee Ellis Ross (Diana Ross’s daughter, so what’s not to love?) play the parents of the Johnson family, who work to keep their four children grounded and make sure that they have a sense of cultural identity and pride in their Blackness. Yara Shahidi is also in it and she has a spin-off, so this show really can’t go wrong.


This is the spin-off/sequel to “Black-ish.” Yara Shahidi continues her role as Zoey Johnson, but instead, the series follows her through her time at college. As viewers, we meet the friends she makes and follow the ups and downs of her experience as a college student on her own for the first time. The way “Grown-ish” shows the everyday struggles of college life through the eyes of a Black girl is refreshing and strikes a chord with me as a college student going through similar things.

“The Proud Family”

Disney Channel gave us “The Proud Family,” and it was one of the best things they could have done. Penny Proud was one of my favorite TV characters for the longest time. This animated show was canceled in 2005 after only two seasons, when it had so much more potential. Recently Disney+ announced that it would be streaming a third season of the series, and that’s honestly what we need—more wholesome Black cartoons. Watching reruns of this show was a staple of my childhood, and now it can be part of my adulthood.

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