Audiophiles: Folk-pop to hike to and finally feel free

Lydia McKelvie | Staff Writer

Here is a collection of mostly folk songs about longing for what’s been lost and the freedom that comes from moving on. This playlist is perfect for wistful walks through nature or nostalgic trips back home over Fall Break.

“Wildflowers” by Tom Petty: I mainly associate this song with the scene in “Parks and Recreation” when Anne and Chris are moving away from Pawnee. It’s wistful and bittersweet, perfect to match the beauty of the changing seasons!

“Joanne” by Lady Gaga: in the titular song of this album, Lady Gaga gives us all the wistful, small-town vibes we need. Simple, poignant and beautiful, this song will remind you to look forward even when experiencing loss.

“Timshel” by GQ (cover of Mumford and Sons): GQ (or Girls Quartet) is quickly becoming my favorite a cappella group of all time. This cover of the mournful ballad by Mumford and Sons (with all female voices) is incredibly heart-wrenching.

“Oh, Atlanta” by Alison Krauss: In this classic bluegrass hit, Krauss perfectly encapsulates the feeling of longing for home. As a Southerner far from home, this song immediately takes me back to the “good-old days” and makes me so excited to go back home for the break!

“The Bargain Store” by Dolly Parton: As a resident Tennessean, Dolly Parton will forever be my go-to artist no matter the mood. This song captures the feeling of accepting and owning your baggage and opening yourself up to being loved in your entirety.

“Blackbird” by Sarah McLachlan (cover of the Beatles): Even though the original is a classic, McLachlan adds so much to the song in her interpretation with her floaty high notes and beautifully rich tone. This simple and poignant song makes you want to fly free just like the blackbird!

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