TV Shows for all your back-to-school woes

Katherine Dawson | Contributing Writer

So, the school year is beginning. Classes have started up, your activities are piling on top of each other, and you’re busy trying to find time for an ounce of a social life. Who could juggle all of that with Netflix? Honestly, none of us. But are we going to try? Most definitely. During the summer with all of my newfound free time, I racked up quite an impressive list of binged TV shows. Here are my five favorites, each perfect for distracting you from the ever-increasing mountain of work you’ll have for the rest of the semester.

Derry Girls

Probably my favorite out of every new TV show I started this summer, “Derry Girls” will absolutely captivate you. The show follows four Irish girls and one English boy as they navigate high school during The Troubles of the 1990s in Northern Ireland. Lisa McGee, the program’s creator, somehow manages to manifest the uneasiness caused by the rapidly growing tensions between the Catholic and Protestant populations while constantly throwing in opportunities for laughs. The antics these five friends get up to are absurd (from accidently drugging relatives at a funeral to their wild and hilariously awkward sexcapades with the boys from a local Protestant school) and make this coming of age story absolutely worth watching. Both seasons are on Netflix right now, so get to it!

Veronica Mars

So “Veronica Mars” is certainly not a new TV show—and it’s definitely not new to me—but this year, Hulu released a highly anticipated fourth season of the cult classic detective drama. If you have not heard of “Veronica Mars,” the show chronicles Veronica’s (a young Kristin Bell) journey to discover who killed her best friend Lily Kane. As a spunky private eye, Veronica helps solve many a mystery throughout high school, college, and with this new addition, into adulthood. With each new episode, you will grow more invested into these character’s stories, romances, troubles, and secrets. Bell offers up some killer attitude as well.

Big Little Lies

There is really no way you haven’t heard of “Big Little Lies.” But maybe you’re one of the few people who has decided to avoid this star-studded drama. And to that I say, what are you doing? Please do yourself a favor and watch this show. If the murder mystery isn’t enough to keep you hooked, the glimpse into the drama of the ‘Monterey Five’ is certainly enough to keep you intrigued. Bonus: you will get some iconic Renata Klein moments—“I. Will. Not. Not. Be. Rich.” anyone?


I went into “Imposters” with low expectations. I had heard about it from one of my friends and seen it all over Netflix, but it really didn’t seem like my usual show. Basic rundown: Boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl, boy and girl get married, girl steals all of boy’s money and disappears, girl goes on to continue this cycle over and over again (that is, until three of her victims eventually team up to try and track her down). “Imposters” is an action-packed story, full of twists and turns you truly will never see coming. If you do decide to give this show a go, go in knowing that you have no clue what you’re in for.

30 Rock

And finally, one of my all time favorite shows, “30 Rock.” Tina Fey’s brilliant comedy was probably one of the first shows I ever binged about 8 years ago. Even then, the quirky NBC show-runner Liz Lemon and all of her eccentric colleagues had me rolling on the floor. But, oh how young and naïve I was. I probably missed about 60% of the jokes. This summer, her masterpiece—yes it is a masterpiece—came onto Hulu, and it quickly returned to the top of my watch list.

So as your work piles up and you begin to search high and low for some sort of stress relief or distraction, turn towards television. Whatever type of show you are into, I’m sure at least one thing on this list can transport you away from all of your back-to-school woes.

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