Skits and sketches: Kids On Campus kills with major laughs

Madelyne Quiroz | Contributing Writer

This past weekend, the Village Black Box Theatre housed this semester’s Kids On Campus sketch comedy show—and the box was bursting at the seams.

When a line starts forming two hours before doors open for a show, it’s obvious that the show is something worth waiting for. Kids On Campus was just that. A 90-minute set of 17 individual comedy sketches that produced wall to wall laughs with satirical jabs at student culture, family and relationship dynamics and even beloved American folklore.

The exceedingly clever comedic material produced by head writers and directors Lucie Kirk and Kelly Minster was brought to life by various groupings of the versatile cast: Taya Bokert, Annie Butler, Ike Butler, Grace Haselhorst, Michael Hofstadter, Connor Keuchel, Olivia Prunier-Herman, Abby Rubin, Andrew Song, Natalie Thurman, Henry Vettel and Chloe White. The show was also wonderfully accompanied by live musical stylings of the Kids On Campus Band, which to my pleasant surprise highlighted the virtuosity of a personal favorite instrument: the trombone.

The show opened with “Ice Breaker,” a sketch that mimicked the uncomfortable group activities that plagued our summer camps and school orientations. The end of this sketch was met with a video montage introducing the 12 quirky cast members. Other pre-filmed material was sprinkled throughout the show, which added a great sense of variety to the audience experience. With the introductory video over, the audience was officially welcomed by two K.O.C crew members via a parody of the “welcome aboard” airplane routines we all know too well.

The first act of the show featured nine more sketches:

“Paul Bunyan”

Remember the tribute to beloved American folklore I mentioned before? This was it, and its twist ending of a Johnny Appleseed and Paul Bunyan face-to-face meeting produced one of the biggest laughs of the night.

“Neil on the Moon”

We’ve all scoffed at the moon landing conspiracy theory, but according to this sketch, we shouldn’t have scoffed so quickly. Oh, and Mission Control has the hots for Buzz.

“Abroad PSA”

After Abroad Syndrome (AAS). We get it, you lived in France for five months. Now take the scarf off.


Welcome to Intra-Family Feud! Two bitter siblings fight for their mother’s attendance at their respective graduations. How does it all end? With the mother attending neither, a surprise father reveal and an enormous laugh from the audience.

“What’s Your Star Sign”

We all knew Tinder was dangerous, but who knew it could risk the loss of your liver?

“Heads Together”

Come on team, put your heads together! Literally.

“Missing Tie”

If I were a tie, where would I be…?

“Right This Way”

The classic catchphrase of restaurant waitstaff is taken way too far. I mean literally, geographically too far.

“Semester in Review”

Numerous events that transpired at Wash. U. this past semester were recounted in a newsroom setting with a healthy serving of sarcasm. A handful of student culture disses and terrible (but wonderful) puns are mixed in for good measure.

After a brief intermission, Act 2 delivers even louder laughs with:

“Butler Stuff”

Cast members Annie and Ike Butler perform a classic “Parent Trap” switch.


It’s just like “Sky High,” but for young X-Men. And the school director’s son, who sadly couldn’t be less of a superhero if he tried.

“Dr. Phils”

You thought the Plastics from “Mean Girls” were scary? You’ve obviously never seen four college students with Dr. Phil masks before.

“Long Distance Relationship”

The hilarity of middle school-esque dating tropes taken to the extreme.

“Happy Birthday”

Just don’t go to Chili’s for your birthday dinner, okay?


What do a murder mystery, high school reunion and Sears appliance catalog put together make? Some insanely clever comedy.


The closing sketch of the night just so happened to be my favorite. Remember those teeth-clenched comments at those important dinners your parents used to bring you to? Yeah, I do too. And that’s why this sketch was so funny.

All in all, a huge congratulations to Kids On Campus for a fantastically funny show. It’s no wonder why two entire rows of students sat on the floor just to squeeze into the Village Black Box. Who cares where you’re sitting when you’re laughing so much?

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