Songs to get you in the spooky spirit: Your Halloween playlist

| Senior Cadenza Editor

As Spooktober comes to a close, I find myself getting more and more into the ghostly spirit. If you want to get down and spooky on Halloween, check out these tracks of trepidation.

“This is Halloween”

The Citizens of Halloween
Halloween is approaching–the most spookiful time of the year. This creaky, creepy tune will keep you nodding along to the beat while you look over your shoulder to make sure that the Sandman doesn’t get you.

“Monster Mash”

Bobby “Boris” Pickett
It’s the Monster Mash—it was a graveyard smash. This might be THE most iconic Halloween song ever made, and for good reason. Make sure to have this classic in your queue in coming days.

“The Devil Went Down to Georgia”

The Charlie Daniels Band
Just listen to that fiddle. There’s nothing that’ll get you into the Halloween spirit like listening to Johnny masterfully outplay the devil.

“Little Drop of Poison”

Tom Waits
I like my Halloween playlist with a little drop of poison. While many know this song as the song that Captain Hook plays in “Shrek 2,” I think that association only enhances the quality, both in terms of sound and spookiness, of the song.

“Werewolf Bar Mitzvah”

Jeff Richmond and Tracy Morgan
As a Jew who somewhat believes in werewolves, I feel like this song was made for me. This stands out to me as “30 Rock’s” best original song. It’s spooky, it’s scary and you get both boys becoming men and men becoming wolves.

“Werewolves of London”

Warren Zevon
Werewolves roaming the streets of London? What could be spookier? Just listen to that howl.


Stevie Wonder
If you’re not very superstitious during Halloween, are you doing the holiday right? No, you aren’t. Use this song as inspiration to fuel your own superstitions.

“Psycho Killer”

Talking Heads
Run, run, run, run, run, run, run, away oh oh oh! Yeah yeah yeah yeah!

“Blood on the Dance Floor”

Michael Jackson
Do I really need to explain this choice? I mean, the music video for “Thriller” is literally a faux horror movie…wait a second, this isn’t “Thriller.” I decided to break with convention for this entry, as at this point I’m sure everyone and their mother has been listening to “Thriller” around Halloween. “Blood on the Dance Floor” may be a little less spooky than Thriller, but it’s a less conventional Michael Jackson selection to advance the holiday spirit.

“Time Warp”

Cast of Rocky Horror Picture Show
If you didn’t see “Rocky Horror” through the Performing Arts Department or at the Tivoli, you can still be transported to Transylvania with this iconic song.


I could listen to Kesha go “rraaa” for days.

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