Groundhog Day for all our pop culture needs

| Cadenza Staff

Today is Groundhog Day, the day that Punxsutawney Phil comes out from his hole and decides whether or not we are going to have six more weeks of winter. Those of us who care more about pop culture, however, think of Groundhog Day more as the inspiration for the wonderful Bill Murray/Andie MacDowell film of the same name, in which Bill Murray’s character has to live Feb. 2 over and over again. To honor the holiday, we decided to think of five pieces of pop culture we wouldn’t mind experiencing time and time again.

1. Watch “Love Actually” over and over: It’s not really a complicated movie, but there are a ton of plot lines, so it could be easy to confuse. If we had to watch this over and over, it would be a great opportunity to focus in depth on every one. And one full day analyzing Colin Firth and then another staring at Hugh Grant wouldn’t be the world’s worst thing.

2. Go to Cedar Point: Having visited Cedar Point for the first time this summer, I would be content if I had to spend every day there. I didn’t get a chance to ride all the rides, though maybe if I was there for multiple days it would give me an opportunity to finally conquer my fear of the tallest, steepest roller coaster.

3. Listen to the “Sweeney Todd” (movie) soundtrack on repeat: Don’t judge me, but when the movie first came out back in 2007, I actually did this for several days. I still binge. It’s the combination of Stephen Sondheim’s music and Johnny Depp’s voice that gets me, I think. “Sweeney” purists will hate me and yell things like “Angela Lansbury!” and “Where’s the ‘Ballad of Sweeney Todd’?” But hey, Tim Burton was on to something when he let Captain Jack Sparrow and Severus Snape sing a duet, guys.

4. Watch the opening of “Dexter” over and over: The first time you watch the opening credits of this serial killer drama, you should be grossed out. The credits show Dexter (Michael C. Hall) performing ordinary tasks—cutting grapefruit, tying shoes—but manage to make each of these mundane activities seem disgusting, homicidal or just plain creepy. It’s clever, and it really grows on you. After a season’s worth of episodes, you hardly notice the ickiness anymore. Plus, the theme song is super catchy.

5. Go shopping: Okay, this has less to do with pop culture and more to do with spending, but shopping is a great opportunity to both exercise and buy cute things. How great would it be if you could spend your entire bank account, only to have it fill back up again when you wake up? You just need to know which will be your last Feb. 2 so you don’t end up broke.

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