‘4×4: Four Plays on the Quad’

| Senior Cadenza Editor

So what do you do when you pick a play to perform, cast it, get super excited about it and then find out that you can’t acquire the rights to it? Well, I’d probably go into a corner and cry, but luckily All Student Theatre (AST) had a better solution: Pick four student-written one-act plays and perform them instead. And thus, “4×4: Four Plays on the Quad” was born.

The show opened last night on the Brookings Quad and will run once per night for the next three nights at 8 p.m. AST decided to perform original shows to “showcase the talent that doesn’t get shown enough,” freshman stage manager Kate Drummond said. Two of the shows, “Peyeem” and “Steps,” written by a current and former Washington University student respectively, are straight plays, whereas the other two, “I Guess I Wish” and “Save Our City,” are musicals featuring original songs.

AST lost the rights to “Beauty and the Beast” after they had already cast it, so they turned to the four-play concept to find a place for everybody who already had a part. So far, it seems to have worked out. All Student Theatre can now finally claim that they are, in fact, “all student theatre.” Already student-acted and student-directed, the performance group truly lives up to its name, working on all parts of the production. Come check them out this weekend for a great time.

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