When trailers lie!

What brings a trailer to lie? The dream of a wider audience? Almost always. “The Adjustment Bureau” shamelessly borrowed from the “Inception” bag of marketing tricks, which made us remember other stories of when trailers lie.

‘The Adjustment Bureau’
Type of lie: Hiding the truth

A blue hue. A rumbling soundtrack. Wide shots of the skyline. “The Adjustment Bureau” trailer reeks of “Inception.” The only problem is that dream-thievery has little in common with the free will vs. predestination debate, and it follows that “Inception” is nothing like “The Adjustment Bureau.” Matt Damon’s “thriller” actually has very few thrills. It’s a fairly straightforward love-story, and you won’t find a shred of Matt Damon and Emily Blunt’s infectious chemistry in the trailer. And despite what the trailer’s hard edge would have you believe, the movie has a quirky sense of humor.

‘Toy Story 3’
Type of lie: Compulsive

Pixar usually treats its trailers like animated shorts, so it was jarring to see them be so conventional. But this trailer is vexing in other ways. It’s hard to follow, filled with cheap gags and cultural references. Does anyone look back at “Toy Story 3” and think, “You know, that movie was so zany and over the top!” Of course not. It’s “Toy Story 3,” not “Over the Hedge 3.” All Pixar lies just seem pointless and counterproductive. The trailer managed to make this awesome, heartfelt movie look like crap.

‘True Grit’
Type of lie: Deception

Another case of a trailer upping the stakes beyond the movie’s scope. Jokes from the movie are made to look like dramatic moments in the trailer. In theaters, “True Grit” is a meandering tale of vengeance in the old West. In the trailer, “True Grit” is a moody shoot-em-up in the vein of “No Country for Old Men,” a movie that won the Academy Award for Best Picture. Of course the Coen brothers would want to associate their newest movie with their award winner, but this trailer suggests similarities that simply aren’t there.

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