Lost Live Blog – Everybody Loves Hugo

| Cadenza TV Editor

Live Blog – Everybody Loves Hugo – by Andie Hutner

8:01 – Everybody loves Hugo. That’s funny. Wasn’t there a season 2 episode called “Everybody Hates Hugo?” Yes, there was. And yay. Miles’s dad, Mr. Candle / Pierre Chang is giving his speech.

8:03 – Oh, I miss Libby!

8:05 – Michael. What are you doing here? Stop annoying me. I thought you did that enough already. I feel like he’s the Smoke Monster. I hope Libby shows up in sidewaysland it seems like she is going to.

8:09 – Libby! Why aren’t Hurley and Libby having their love at first sight moment? Isn’t that what we learned last week? Oh, she’s crazy. She’s not crazy! She’s just had her conscious transferred between universes! Even though she was crazy in the old world…

8:12 – Oh, okay. RIP Ilana, I guess.

8:14 – I’m sad they don’t want Ben to come with them. He was on Ajira 316 too! Boo enemies not letting my favorites have screen time.

8:20 – Yay Desmond showing up in sidewaysworld. I wish Charlie was there too! Oh maybe Hurley and Libby did have a love at first sight moment I hope so! All I want is a Sawyer/Juliet reunion so this clearly means they will.

8:25 – Why is Ben so awesome? I wonder every week.

8:26 – I understand Hurley’s trying to save them all, but why did the Black Rock have to be a casualty? It’s so important!

8:39 – That scene with Hurley and Libby was so sweet! I’m so excited that apparently all Lost is about is love it’s so happy! I wonder what happened to make her check in voluntarily? Hurley on island is so awesome now. So many power plays going on! Yay. I’m glad Ben is with Richard and Miles against Jack and Hurley – it’s like the season one-ers against everyone else, which will be fun to see how it plays out. I wonder if Desmond knows if Fake Locke isn’t actually Locke? I’m assuming he does.

8:46 – OMG did we just learn what the whispers are? The dead people who cannot move on from the island? Well, that’s only the most fun thing ever. Season six is so good.

8:50 – Oh they went on a picnic that’s so cute! I like that so much. And I’m so glad Hurley remembered! Why is Desmond stalking him? That scene between islandHurley and Jack was really sweet. I’m glad Jack talked about being guilty for Juliet’s death, meaning I’m sure she’ll come back soon, which will be amazing. I don’t really understand why Hurley is in charge now? Because everyone else has and failed? That seems silly but I’m glad he is anyway!

9:00 – God, I knew I never liked Desmond for a reason. Why did he do that??!!?!? I guess that answers my question about whether or not Desmond knew Locke wasn’t Locke. He wouldn’t have tried to kill Locke in sideways land if he didn’t think it was the same guy in island. I’M SO MAD AT DESMOND. IF HE KILLS LOCKE AGAIN I OFFICIALLY HATE THIS SHOW. Not that I could ever hate Lost. But if they killed my favorite character in two separate universes, that would not be okay!

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