Lost Live Blog #6: Happily Ever After

| Cadenza TV Editor

Lost Blog – Happily Ever After.

8:04 – I don’t like these submarine people. They’re very annoying. I wished I liked Desmond more, so I would have someone to care about this episode. Such an unpopular opinion. What does this generator thing do? Oh yay. Smoking electromagnetic radiation.

8:06 – Also, this episode is called “Happily Ever After.” I’m sensing irony.

8:09 – Do they want him to time travel?

8:12 – Did Desmond get transported to sideways universe by the crazy electromagnetic forces? Or is this a separate story? I’m guessing it’s the same storyline. Also, I like non-crazy Claire.

8:13 – Cool. It’s Minkowski the crazy boat guy!

8:15 –Desmond would work for Widmore in this universe. Everything is so strange here. They’re both being meditative like they know this is wrong.

8:17 – Cool, Widmore’s apparently notdead son is in Driveshaft. At least that means Charlie will show up soon I hope! I want Des to meet Penny here. I like this Scotch joke, too.

8:20 – CHARLIE!!!!! Okay, anyways…

8:27 – What is going on?! Was he not suicidal? That would make me so happy! And he loves Claire after one view of her! That speech was the best thing I’ve seen all season. But what was with that water dive? Is Charlie suicidal after all? He literally better not drown here. That’s not okay, Lost. But Not Penny’s boat!!!! What is going on? Desmond must have been transported into sideways world, meaning they must coexist, meaning my theory is awesome, meaning I love this show. But not if they kill Charlie again!

9:37 – Charlie! Thank you for making Desmond find Penny! It’s like he had a flashforward about her or something! Hopefully Joseph Fiennes won’t find out. Sorry that I’m crossing over shows in my recap. But Jack was there! And Charlie was running in a backless dressing gown! Is he going to go find Claire? That would make me so happy! Isn’t she at this hospital? Like, when she and Kate and Ethan had a merry old time back in February? God, Lost, why do you do this to me?

8:43 – Oh, sorry, I’m an idiot. I suppose Faraday would be Widmore’s dead son. OMG does this mean he is in Driveshaft in sideways world? Bestest thing ever.

8:44 – Never mind. Faraday isn’t in Driveshaft, he was just supposed to stay with them. “What happened, happened.” I love this episode!

8:48 – I Get it! Penny’s last name is Milton because she is the illegitimate child, and Daniel!!!!!! Daniel is Widmore because his mother married Charles, and of course Eloise would know that in island world, all Desmond wanted was Charles’s approval to win Penny over, but now that he has the approval, is he not ready for Penny? I can’t wait for Desmond and Daniel (notFaraday) the musician to talk!

9:01 – AHHHHHHH Best episode of season by far, totally girlie, and all about love, but so good! I’m so happy Faraday (sorry, I’m going to keep calling him that) realized that he set off an atomic bomb (well, not him, because he died) but he’s alive now and he realizes consciousness can be thrown and he is who he was but so much more happy, and Desmond and Penny are going to fall in love all over again without any of the anguish and that scene in the steps was so sweet! And Desmond is going to find Claire for Charlie!!!! I’m so happy!!! What was that with Sayid then? I don’t trust him. And why is Desmond so ready for Widmore’s mission? And does he exist in two places at once now, or will he keep fainting? So many questions! But so good! And the “Happily Ever After” wasn’t ironic at all!

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