Two things movies can teach video games

| Senior Cadenza Editor

1. Look in the mirror
“No More Heroes” and the “Mario and Luigi” games are known for taking good, long looks in the mirror and poking fun at themselves and the gaming culture at large. Wouldn’t it be awesome if more movies did this, too? Imagine Matt Damon asking the audience, “Are you ready for this?” before beating up a guy with a magazine, or Meryl Streep winking at the camera before dancing in “Mamma Mia!” Breaking the fourth wall has a place in comedies and dramas that are willing to cede a moment to silliness.

2. Touching is good
This one is a no-brainer. Video games, no matter how generic their main characters might be, always allow the gamers to control them. Why can’t this be the case in movies? Movies shouldn’t become completely interactive—that would just be a video game, wouldn’t it? But movies could offer viewers the opportunity to get their feet wet every now and then. Maybe the viewer could choose left or right at an intersection at the beginning of a chase scene or between a punch and a kick to put an end to a fight scene. Movies shouldn’t explicitly let viewers choose story details, but subtly, every little choice the viewer makes could influence the overall plot.

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