Lost Live Blog #4: Lighthouse

“Lighthouse” – Lost Live Blog 4

8:01 – Yay, the previouslies showed Claire! I’m glad we get to know about her. Why does Jack keep getting random scars? I mean, islandJack has them, but it’s so weird!

8:02 – Our Jack got his appendix out on island! Why did this one get his out when he was seven?

8:03 – JACK HAS A SON?!

8:04 – JACOB! So fun. Also I love Hurley/Miles interactions.

8:07 – Jack’s son doesn’t really care about him. Boo. David, apparently. Um, who’s the mom?

8:11 – Claire doesn’t seem very Claire-like. I wanna know about it!

8:14 – Ooh, Hurley’s so BA now! So fun! I like his Jacob interactions. I approve of Hurley telling Jacob that it’s impossible to get Jack to do anything. So true. Oh, Jack. I wonder if Kate’s not gonna be in this episode. She should, if she and Claire are linked and Claire is in this episode. We will see!

8:18 – Claire’s 100% taking the role of Rousseau. I love it. She wants to find Aaron so badly! It’s like he’s Alex or something! Is she really gonna kill them both?

8:24 – Claire’s mentioned in the will! That’s so legit. I like that Claire’s important again yay. How did she learn all these survival skills? She must be Rousseau like actually.

8:26 – Who is this magical friend? Can she talk to dead people besides Christian? I’m gonna pretend her friend is Charlie because that makes me happy. I’m kinda disappointed Kate showed up, because I don’t really care about her. But at least that means Jack and Claire will intersect, which is cool, but they just had an Entertainment Weekly cover together by themselves, which is also pretty awesome.

8:30 – Dude, it’s Shannon’s inhaler because they are at the caves! Yay for Jack being a terrible dead. Also, I’m glad the bodies are still in the caves.

8:35 – Okay, I really need to know who David’s mom is. It’s really bothering me. I’m glad Jack has daddy issues on this side, too. But I hope he gets a spot at that conservatory!

8:36 – Where does all this random Island architecture come from that nobody’s ever seen before?

8:39 – I’m excited for the inevitable Kate-Claire throwdown. I wonder who’s gonna win. I’m glad the temple people did the same thing to Claire as they did to Sayid, for some reason. I guess she failed, too.

8:45 – I’m so glad Jack ran into Dogen in sideways world! I feel like he knows who Jack is, for some reason. He’s totally got a creepy vibe about him. And that’s such a fun mirror!

8:46 – Is that David’s school in the mirror? I hope it’s a magical Harry Potter-esque mirror. Jack can see his house! That’s so fun! What is Hurley going to see?!

8:48 – Jack, there’s no reason to be rash. No one can find the island now! I don’t get it. I liked those mirrors! I want to know who is candidate # 108!

8:54 – Jack and David are the same person. Cool. But David has a nicer dad. Yay. Christian’s probably awesome in this reality, though, if everything else in the universe is different. Yay they made up!

8:56 – Jacob’s so mysterious. I like it so much. I don’t get his methods! Jack is very important. Duh.

8:57 – Who’s coming to the temple? It can’t be Claire. I bet it’s whoever is inhabited Sayid. Claire is so scary! Why is Jin cooperating with her? Oh, I like that so much. Have we seen Christian on the island yet this season? I think he was Flocke and that is why Flocke is Claire’s friend. This episode was so weird!!!

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