Super Bowl commercial roundup

| Cadenza Staff
(Dave Seymour | MCT)

(Dave Seymour | MCT)

Some people watch the Super Bowl because their teams are fighting for the win. Some people watch the game because their favorite musicians are performing at halftime. Some people watch it to gather together with friends and wings. Here at Cadenza, although some of us watch for those reasons, we really love the commercials. Due to high ratings, Super Bowl ads get great exposure, and as a result the commercials are awesome. Here is our take on most memorable ads from Super Bowl XLIV.

Ashley: I take it Audi has gone green.
Percy: Bow down to our new plant overlords.
Andie: I get their message and all, but were those green police pants really necessary?
Bud Light: Stranded
Andie: Anything related to “Lost” will probably make me happy. “Lost”-themed Bud Light commercials, therefore, make me happy. And, if I had to be stranded on a desert island, a case of Bud Light probably would probably make me pretty happy, too.
Percy: Oh, the joys of alcohol. If only Jack had known that happiness was just a Bud Light away in the pilot, then the survivors wouldn’t have had to go through so much crap to get to…wherever they are. I think that, in general, Bud Light commercials are overrated, riding on the coattails of how funny they used to be, but I thought this commercial brought the goods.
Book Club
Billy: Probably offensive to women, books and book clubs, but when the dude used the book as a coaster, I had to laugh
Bridgestone: Whale of a Tale
Ashley: There is no doubt in my mind that they did have the best bachelor party EVER. But I have Goodyear tires. Effective for selling Orcas, bachelors and piers…not so much for tires.
Coca-Cola: Hard Times
Billy: Might have been a cute commercial had the Millhouse comment at the end not made it completely lame.
Percy: And sadly, this commercial was funnier than “The Simpsons” has been for the past three years.
Andie: I want to go camping in a land where there are tigers and elephants and cliffs and rivers! Oh, and Coca-Cola? Maybe this is the best dream after all…but was the Coke real? I’ll guess we will never know!
Billy: While the baby Bengal tiger birth was adorable, this commercial is subpar when compared to the other guy who performed open-heart surgery in an opera house with a ballpoint pen.
Percy: I was disappointed when it turned out to be a commercial. I was pulling for Dos Equis, but it was not to be.
Ashley: I’m super sick of screaming chickens. But that one where you couldn’t hear it screaming because it was in space caught me off guard…I’m ashamed to admit I giggled just a bit. (I really want pancakes now, though. And it’d be sweet if they were free.)
Nora: I really expected them to be screaming about a chicken dinner or something…If Denny’s needs a lot of eggs, then the chickens just need to step up production. Therefore I agree with Ashley; the scream was just annoying.
Billy: Did anyone else notice that there were back-to-back commercials focusing on the lack of pants? It really diluted the potential humor in such a situation.
Percy: I know, right? Sometimes discovering a zeitgeist can be disturbing.
Nora: This one made no sense. The little song of what it is to be a man was cute, but then they used it to sell a body wash? Also, this seemed to be the first of a string of ads aimed at whipped guys. Is that really the main demographic that watches the Super Bowl?
‘Dante’s Inferno’
Percy: Cool commercial, better music. Although I read the “Divine Comedy” in high school, I don’t remember Dante having dual blades…must’ve missed it.
Andie: Babies = adorable. Babies talking about volatility and stocks = slightly disturbing. But they were making such cute faces, I almost got over the fact that they were discussing things I don’t even understand! Good ploy to use cute babies to discuss finance—it was weird enough to keep my attention.
Percy: They’ve shown the same commercial for, like, five years now…but somehow, it never gets old. Who’s in for “Baby Geniuses 3”?
Focus on the Family
Ashley: I must say, I had no idea (absolutely none) that this was a pro-life ad until maybe a half hour after it aired. Even if I had paid any attention to its bland style and presentation, I am positive that I still wouldn’t agree with Mr. Quarterback’s mommy that all babies should be kept. If I ever get knocked up, I might think for a split second that the kid could be the next big football star…but then I’ll remember that Hitler wasn’t aborted. Overall, not effective, exciting or worth including in the Super Bowl lineup.
Billy: Not as controversial as all the sports analysts made it seem, but it still wasn’t a decent commercial anyways.
Percy: It was pretty vanilla for all the hype, but at least we got see Tim Tebow tackle his mom.
Andie: This was probably one of the most adorable commercials I have ever seen. And, yes, I am actually saying that about a search engine! But Google used its search function to tell the love story of a couple meeting on a semester abroad in Paris, moving cross-continent to live together, getting married and having a baby, all with romantic music playing in the background. Can Google find me such happiness?
Billy: Best commercial of the Super Bowl, and I’m normally a fan of the funny ones.
Percy: Hands down the best. Who would have thought that a search bar could be so touching?
Billy: I checked out the extended, Internet-only version of this ad, and, quite simply, it was not worth it.
Percy: Also, Danica Patrick should be nominated for “Worst Comic Timing in Super Bowl History.” God, even editing couldn’t save her.
Taco Bell
Billy: Charles Barkley is not funny, and he’s difficult to understand. Also, wasn’t Taco Bell just trying to market its drive-thru diet campaign? I really don’t want my diet to be the same as Sir Charles’. This ad was one of the worst of the day.
Percy: Wow. He has absolutely no rhythm.
‘Robin Hood’
Ashley: When did Robin Hood get so badass? I think the best part about this is that when the commercial break was over, it said, “Super Bowl sponsored by Robin Hood.” It’s like, “OMG, Robin Hood has quit that stealing from the rich and giving to the poor crap…Instead he’s stealing from the rich and listing himself as a sponsor.” What happened to charity?
Percy: Remember when Robin Hood sang? Those were the days.

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