Lost Live Blog #2: What Kate Does

Thanks for joining me this week in our Lost-viewing experience!

8:07 – This episode is called “What Kate Does,” a nice tieback to a season two’s episode “What Kate Did.” I hope Kate and Claire have fun escapades. We better see Claire again! Anyways, it seems like Sayid’s not possessed by Jacob? Boo. And Sawyer’s emo again. Yay. But I don’t want him to be all mean! He at least has to have lots and lots of scenes with people. I like Hurley being in charge and Jack being the troublemaker. It’s so… sideways.

8:15 – Clearly, the most logical thing to do after someone dies and then wakes up is to electro-shock and then brand them. What test did Sayid fail? Is he actually possessed? Has the Flocke become Fsayid instead? I’m so confused! I love this show. I’m glad sideways!Kate (by the way, the universe where the plane landed is called sideways, so I’m not just making that up) feels bad that she stole Claire’s bag. They better reunite! I have a feeling we aren’t going to see Ben or Locke today, at least on the island. It makes me sad.

8:25 – Please tell me “infected” means “possessed”? That’s so much more fun. I’m glad Claire and Kate found each other, because I super need backstory on Claire, so it’s all good. I liked the other others (?) who went with Kate and Jin. I don’t know what to call these people. Does other others work? He seemed so annoying that Kate didn’t remembering knocking him out three years ago. Why would she remember that? I’m glad Jack is trying to get answers, but of course, no one will share with him. Oh, Lost, please give us something?

8:29 – Why do Miles and Hurley need to ask Sayid about the afterlife? Can’t they just ask their dead friends?

8:31 – Was Jack holding a bullet? I got distracted.

8:31 – Oh, got it. It’s the pill. I want to know why Sayid is sick!

8:32 – Aww, Kate’s being all emo and alone again. Won’t she miss Jack?

8:33 – Why is Claire so trusting? Kate’s a convicted criminal! It’s not like Kate raised her child in another universe or anything… oh, wait.

8:36 – Sawyer’s so sad!!! Aww, poor baby. (Sorry I’m again way too attached to my Losties.) What’s in that box? I really thought Claire’s adopted parents were going to be someone we know, like Ben Linus or something scary like that. Oooh, that would have been awesome. I guess they need to figure out a way for history to correct itself so Claire can actually raise Aaron. Is she really going to have him now? It took 20 episodes in season one for Claire to finally deliver her pregnancy! Aww, now I miss Charlie more. (Don’t mind my tangents, please. I like Lost too much.) I heard they were going to auction off every prop from the show after the series finale airs for charity. I wonder how much that DriveShaft ring would cost…

8:42 – ETHAN!!!!! Sorry, don’t mind me… Is he actually a good person in this universe?

8:45 – Oh, of course, Sawyer blames himself. I liked that scene where he convinced her to stay! I miss season five. I didn’t realize until this season how much he loved Juliet.

8:49 – Okay, Asian-leaderman has a name, Dogen. Cool. I like how his sidekick is called Lennon. Very fun. Anyways, how is poison going to save Sayid? Ooh, maybe it’s supposed to kill the evil spirit that’s living inside him? Speculating is fun. Jack seems to be getting back to his old self – last year he was taking everything on faith, believing that detonating a hydrogen bomb would be a good thing. Now he’s trying to understand everything again. Cool. I wonder what’s going to happen with Claire and Aaron. Speaking of, I like how islandKate is demanding to find Claire – that is why she went back, after all.

8:55 – Kate isn’t actually innocent in this universe, is she? It could make sense considering the episode title.

8:58 – Claire is possessed too! They finally explained why she was hanging out with Christian in “Jacob”‘s cabin? That’s awesome.

8:59 – Oh, I so almost thought Jin got shot. I was so mad! Claire! What are you doing? Who are you? My Claire isn’t like that! I don’t know when I starting liking Claire so much. I think it’s because I haven’t seen in a year.  That end was very twisty. It makes sense Claire would show up, though. I like the way they’re doing the flashsideways. They aren’t dominating half the episode like I expected, they’re just like flashbacks. I’m glad island!universe is what matters more, even if that does mean I may not see my loves like Boone and Charlie again. I will though. Unlike Jack, I have faith. Or maybe he is too trusting. I would never take a pill from a mysterious man that wasn’t prescribed to me! Thankfully. I think next week ep is Sawyer-centric. Yay. I miss Locke! I want him to come back. Hopefully next week!

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