Lost Premiere Live Blog

Hey guys! I’m gonna be live blogging the Lost season premiere when it starts very soon! I’ve never live blogged before, so this is a test post, so hopefully I will be able to keep adding to it! :)

And we here go.

8:02. The plane! Oh, look, it’s flight 815. I’m pretty sure Jack’s hair is longer than it was…. And the turbulence is over. Looks like the plane isn’t going to crash after all. I approve, Juliet reset history.

8:04. Why did Jack randomly start bleeding?!!!! Omg, why is Desmond on the plane?!!! I guess, Desmond hasn’t been on the island for the past three years.

8:06. The island is totally underwater!!! The four-toed statue. And possibly the worst graphics I’ve ever seen. Good stuff.

8:09. Back to the previouslies… white screen. Why is Kate in a tree? My tv sounds weird. Miles! Someone else is alive. Cool, back where?!

8:12. Is it season three again? The hatch blew up. The island never exploded. Reality # 2. Ooh, Sawyer’s mad.

8:14. Jack seems so sad! And now back to reality # 1 – the plane. Kate’s a criminal again! Sawyer looks like such a jerk!! And Hurley’s a CEO of his chicken company. And he’s lucky! What’s going on?

8:16. Back to islandland – Jin, Hurley, Sayid still exist. Oh course Sayid would still be bleeding to death, the guy never catches a break. Wait, Juliet??!!!

8:18. The first philosophical ramblings of the season – Sayid wants to know what’s gonna happen after death.

8:19. Jacob, literally, wtf is going on. You must have some answers, right?

8:22. Jin’s so mean! Sun’s so sad! Boone’s so hot! I miss him. He’s a fun vampire now on the CW. CAN LOCKE WALK? Why is this universe so so different?

8:24 – reality # 3 – the present? Shouldn’t this have ceased to exist as well? Why do Locke and Ben have different lives like everyone else? Ben’s so sad too! And that’s not what Sun’s hair looked like last season!

8:27 – Locke is so dead! Ben’s confused. Richard’s so mad! I wish I was more capable of blogging more than one word for each character. This is too good.

8:36 – So I’m only gonna post at commercials because this is too much. But Charlie!!! Please don’t be dead. again. I love you too much. Why is Desmond on this plane?! And what reality are we in? Can we settle in one? Are they in the present? OMG are Jin and Sun going to meet at the temple?! Why did Jacob actually die? So many questions! And seriously, Juliet’s cool and all, but why do people keep leaving Sayid for dead?!

8:48 – I’m so pleased Jack asked for a pen to save Charlie – just like Boone in the pilot. Yay Boone. Was Charlie trying to kill himself? I hope not. He hasn’t met Claire yet. I hope Claire shows up soon; her name was in the credits. Okay, so Fake Locke (FLocke) is really the smoke monster, who is probably also Jacob’s black-wearing nemesis from the season finale. At least they answered one of my thousands of questions. That scene with Suliet was so sad! I want her to live. But she’s killing aliens now (on V), so I don’t think it’s going to work out the way I want. God, I love this show.

9:00 – I don’t like this universe on planeland! Locke lied to Boone about how fabulous his walkabout was. That’s so sad! And Charlie’s going to jail! And so is Kate! Why haven’t we seen Claire yet? But really – on island stuff – Juliet!!!! I spent 258 days thinking you were dead, and I just had to watch you die again. Lost! Don’t do this to me! I can’t take this much. (Sorry for all the exclamation points. I’m so happy it’s an hour in and we still have an hour left. I love special two hour episodes!) I can’t decide if I want to side with Sawyer. Technically, yes, it is Jack’s fault that Juliet died because it was his plan that killed her, but she did not need to go along with it. I can’t decide which universe’s Sawyer is more anguished. (Remember 2004!Plane!Sawyer just killed the wrong man on the quest to find his namesake. I love having so much more context now!)

9:11 – Okay, Raiders of the Lost Arc. What am I watching again? What is that temple? Who are those people? Why is Christian Shepherd not on that plane? Can dead bodies not transcend reality? But Boone’s there. And so is Charlie. Can dead bodies only transcend reality if they were alive before the schism? (For the record, I don’t know what I’m talking about, either.) I’m glad the plane landed safely and they got off okay, but I’m so sad. My Locke isn’t alive in any reality. (I take possession of Ben and Locke for some reason – I have the strangest favorite characters.) I want him to walk again. Why hasn’t Claire showed up yet? Oh look Juliet’s alive! On a commercial for V. Juliet, please come back. I don’t want Sawyer to kill Jack.

9:18 – Awww, Sawyer’s cute when he meets Kate again. I don’t know why I had to interrupt my watching to say this, but it’s apparently very important.

9:24 – Who are these people? Why is Cindy there? How does Juliet know the bomb worked? Okay. I have my initial batch of questions out. Kate is so silly, trying to get away from the marshal. Good plan though! I hope she gets away. If we continue in this reality, it would be pretty boring if she was in jail the whole time. I hope we go back to Ben soon. I need to know what’s going on! Also, that wasn’t a guitar. Jacob’s so cool. I hope we get to see him again. He’s saving the day! Who is that Asian man? Guards of the temple? I wish this was the same temple Jacob lived in. Sun needs to show up again, and Jin needs to be there too. They’ve been too mean to these people.

9:36 – So they just drowned Sayid to let him die? He’s a regular this season. I don’t understand. Why does my show always do this to me?! The stuff in airportland was pretty fun. I wish Sun had spoken up that she knew English. Jin wasn’t around, and it’s not like she loves him, anyway. Speaking of, please reunite these two people! It’s killing me. I haven’t seen Ben in so long! Like, in 50 whole minutes. I guess that’s shorter than the 8 months since Lost last aired, but still. Jack trying to save Sayid was like Charlie in that season one episode where Ethan hanged him, and I was so hoping he would have woken up. I don’t think Sayid’s dead though. This is the method that saved little Ben last season. But is it ironic, because Sayid was the one to almost put little Ben to death in the first place? I don’t know. I love Lost.

9:48 – Claire! I missed you! I wonder if she’s still pregnant.  Are the people at the temple part of the shadow of the statue people? I don’t get it! Please don’t let Sayid really be dead. I don’t like that my people are all prisoners now! The scene with Flocke and Ben was crazy sad. Locke is such a sad man, and now he’s gone forever. Evil man is being so mean to him! And Ben is so tortured. Everyone is so tortured in this reality!

10:00 – Oh my god. What the f*** just happened? That scene with Jack and Locke was crazy. “Nothing’s irreversible.” Apparently not. They just changed history. Oh I hope he can walk again! But Sayid! He’s alive! But dead is dead. I have a theory that Jacob is inhabiting Sayid’s body now. I don’t know why, it makes sense, I swear.  What’s the long showdown between Richard and FLocke? Is it because Richard is on Team Jacob? (As long as Edward Cullen doesn’t show up, I’m good.) I love this show. I love it. I’m so confused, and so happy, and I’m probably going to watch the episode again now. Yay.

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