Whatever happened to Weeds

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Do you remember the last episode of “Weeds?” It aired Nov. 19, 2007, on Showtime. In the episode, Nancy Botwin gives up on her dream of living off weed sales and growhouses, and she burns her house, the biggest joint of them all, to the ground. Doug gets to play his banjo, and looking back on it, it was a fitting end to the 37-episode run.

But at the time, I didn’t realize “Weeds” was ending. On Nov. 20, 2007, I looked forward to the next season, in which Nancy was sure to slowly drag her family back into harm’s way. She left Majestic to save her family, but there was no way she could escape her past.

June 2008 rolled around, and surprisingly, “Weeds” was a no-show on Showtime’s schedule. I stayed optimistic; maybe it would premiere in July, I told myself. July came: no dice. But I remained diligent, tuning in every Monday night in hopes of catching the season 4 premiere. Before I knew it, the summer had passed me by. “Weeds” never showed.

What happened to Nancy? What happened to Silas or Conrad or Uncle Andy? “Weeds” left me hanging, and I needed to find the answers. It was pretty sad, actually, how desperate I was to know what happened to fictional characters. Eventually, my quest for knowledge led me to do something unspeakable.

To set this up, I should say that in June 2008, Showtime premiered a new show in the old time slot of “Weeds.” And the messed-up thing was that the show starred the same actors from “Weeds,” and they all played their old characters from “Weeds.” In fact, the new show was called “Weeds.”

But this new show clearly wasn’t the “Weeds” I’d known. The jokes in the New “Weeds” were punchier; gone were the slow-burners from the Old “Weeds.” They were also less funny. A lot less funny.

But the biggest, and most important, difference between this “Weeds” and the old one was that, all of a sudden, Nancy didn’t care about her kids’ well-being. I sort of expected her to revert to her old ways eventually, but I couldn’t believe she was set to deal some drugs by the end of the first episode. At that point, I decided the New “Weeds” was nothing like the real “Weeds.”

Yet, I didn’t stop watching. Every Monday night, I would tune into this fraud “Weeds” and chuckle my way through the lazy jokes. I couldn’t help myself. The characters were convincing replicas, and at the time, I couldn’t tell the difference. I honestly thought this new show, “Weeds,” was season 4 of the longstanding show, “Weeds.”

It wasn’t. I was duped. So I sit here, two and a half years later, upset about what I was forced to watch. I’m waiting for season 4 and still wondering whatever happened to “Weeds.”

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