Top 5 reasons to love W.I.L.D.

| Cadenza Reporter

Just saying the word  ‘W.I.L.D.’ at Wash. U. is guaranteed to make students laugh, giggle and sometimes bow their heads in awkward shame. What is it about this biannual music festival that makes students at Wash. U. feel like Jack Donaghy in a room full of money and powerful Republicans? To help answer this question, I have compiled an unofficial list of the Top Five events at W.I.L.D.:

5) The free food:

Yes, this happens every year. And it is possible to argue that there isn’t anything special about free barbequed chicken and pizza. This would also mean you aren’t in college.

4) Observing oblivious freshmen:

Once again, this happens every year. It is also a fact that one of the joys of being an upperclassman at W.I.L.D. is being able to sigh and say, “Those freshmen are ridiculous. There is no way I looked that absurd when I was their age.” (You did.)

3) George Clinton singing in the rain:

The only thing better is him singing in a frat house in “PCU.”

2) Making the big time:

Seeing an unknown act that eventually makes it to the big-time. That way you can say, “I saw them when…”  (Disclaimer: this hasn’t happened yet. It is just something that would be cool. I’ll keep my fingers crossed. My money’s on Rahzel.)

1) Gaining access to the VIP “Hospitality Tent”:

This is what separates the men from the boys. If you are able to make it into this tent, your W.I.L.D. will be one for the record books.  To W.I.L.D. newbies, this tent is opposite the entrance to Brookings quad. The bouncers wearing blue polos with the words “EMT” emphasize the tent’s exclusivity.


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