McCain defeated, late-night world looks on in sadness

College freshmen won a great victory last night. Although many may not know it, John McCain’s defeat of Barrack Obama is a boon for the “stoned-slacker set,” as Papa Bear O’Reilly refers to us. Wash U freshmen will enjoy a full four years of top-notch latenight comedy. Have you been watching Comedy Central lately? Then you should know that this McCain administration will be markedly funnier than an Obama presidency. Both the Daily Show and Colbert Report have come to prominence during the compassionatly conservative Bush terms and have flourished. Colbert’s future would have been especially difficult to imagine during a presidency defined by messages of hope and change. Would a return of the fairness doctrine force him off the air? Might he change his tune and call Keith Olbermen his new mentor? We all know that a Colbert is best when he has conservatives in power to adore and loony liberals to hate. A Democratically controlled congress and White House would have left comedy fans asking “Where is the blind love?”
While Viacom controlled Comedy Central will hold steady, General Electric’s NBC will benifit the most (and not just from the corporate tax breaks). Saturday Night Live has seen a huge upswing in ratings this election season and it’s hard to argue that Fred Armisan’s Obama impression has anything to do with it. No, it’s Sarah Palin that rules the roost at SNL, and this McCain win may just encourge a depressed Tina Fey to throw her full weight behind an even more biting Palin impression.

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