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Wei-Yin Ko is a news editor for Student Life.

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Students, faculty respond to CNN hire of local Tea Partier

University students and faculty are divided over the impact of CNN’s controversial decision to hire local Tea Partier, Dana Loesch, as their new correspondent. Loesch, co-founder of the St. Louis Tea Party, was hired this month to be the channel’s Tea Party expert for the 2012 election.

| Staff Reporter

Awareness week explores modern eating disorders

This week, Eating Disorder Awareness Week will examine the social demands that modern media puts on women’s bodies. The series of events will focus on the social pressures exerted on the modern woman and how they can lead to the development of eating disorders.

| Staff Reporter

‘Computers and Blues’ | The Streets

The 14 tracks of “Computer and Blues,” the latest and final Streets album, are solid, though the rapper occasionally struggles to keep pace with his own beats and samples. The one-man act Mike Skinner sticks to his usual stripped-down production, giving off that garage rock feel reminiscent of the older British punk acts.

| Cadenza Reporter

Group gives WU same grade in sustainability as last year

Washington University has earned a B on the Sustainable Endowment Institute’s college sustainability report card for the 2011 school year and the report has garnered mixed responses from students and faculty.

| Staff Reporter

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