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Playstation Vita a good buy for true handheld gamers

The new handheld PlayStation Vita (PSV) came out on February 22 without much buzz. There were no PSV Super Bowl ads, nor were there any significant marketing campaigns. No one seems to have even talked about it. For dedicated gamers, however, the PSV offers unparalleled console experience on a handheld with its graphic capabilities and dual analog stick controls.

| Cadenza Reporter

‘Super Mario 3D Land’

I have never been a Super Mario fan. I am pretty bad at playing platform games, and the silliness of Mario did not appeal to me. Considering this, I was surprised to find myself enjoying “Super Mario 3D Land,” the Mario game on Nintendo’s latest handheld, the 3DS.

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‘The Lost Children’ | Disturbed

Not one to leave its old music alone, Chicago heavy metal band Disturbed just released “The Lost Children” while on hiatus. The album, featuring B-sides and covers, fits into Disturbed’s recognizable style: riffs are aggressive and groovy, and the vocalist employs a percussive singing style that goes along with the beat.

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‘Recorrupted’ | Whitechapel

Whitechapel is a deathcore band from Knoxville, Tenn., notable for employing 8-string guitars and featuring three guitarists. They play a skull-crushingly heavy style of deathcore—a blend of death metal and metal core. Unlike many other bands in the same genre, however, they are a very creative bunch, and the listening experience is challenging but rewarding.

| Cadenza Reporter

Top 5 music-based YouTube memes

It’s that time in the semester where procrastination seems to take over and work gets put to the wayside. We in Cadenza like to turn to YouTube to keep ourselves occupied, and here are five of our favorites. 5. Literal music videos Do you feel like music videos should have something to do with the actual song?

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‘American Capitalist’ | Five Finger Death Punch

Five Finger Death Punch (FFDP), the five-piece metal act from Los Angeles, delivers another sonic assault in its new album, “American Capitalist.” The follow-up to the band’s highly successful albums “The Way of the Fist” and “War is the Answer,” “American Capitalist” is a strong effort that unfortunately lacks in new musical ideas.

| Cadenza Reporter

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