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Whispers etiquette

Maybe you fear the silence of the A-stacks. Or perhaps you want to eat a delicious chocolate-chip scone without worrying about your noisy chewing or that crackling noise of the paper bag. Maybe you just want to do some people-watching while attempting to read a chapter from your psychology textbook. Whatever the situation, you find yourself in Whispers Cafe.

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Tavolo V

Located on the Delmar Loop just past the well-known Pi Pizzeria, Tavolo V is a casual Italian restaurant with a varied menu and friendly service. It is the ideal restaurant for those nights out when you are seeking pasta or pizza and don’t feel like driving to the Pastaria or the Hill.

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RARA brings environmental awareness with ‘Ruin & Renewal’

Greed, gluttony, oil spills and destruction. If it concerns a hot social issue, Residential Areas Real Art (RARA) will likely have an entire collection of artwork to address it. The group was founded in 2009 by two Washington University students to showcase student artwork in hopes that it would grasp the attention of the greater St. Louis community.

Dining Staff Appreciation Banquet features food, student performances

On Saturday, Nov. 16 from 4-6 p.m., College Hall was filled with students and members of the dining staff dancing, singing and eating. In one special moment, students and members of the dining staff rushed to the dance floor to perform a spontaneous “Cupid’s Shuffle.

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Haunted houses dot St. Louis area

St. Louis is home to some of the country’s best haunted houses—even if you don’t get a chance to go on the day of Halloween, the attractions will still be open this weekend. Here are Scene’s top picks for local fun and frights this weekend.

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11 most random items you will find in the bookstore

Although the bookstore offers useful items such as comfy Washington University pullovers, class textbooks and cold medicine, it also features some items that the average student probably has not encountered. Here is a look at some of the most random items that a Wash. U. student can find in the school bookstore. 1. A Bitty […]

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Wash. U. Faces, self-hazes and getting a fooducation

“Fooducated” Jolijt Tamanaha, a junior political science major from New York created “Fooducated” in November of her freshman year. “I decided to make it my goal to eat every single thing on the campus menu by the end of freshman year,” Tamanaha said.

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