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Kasparov speaks on chess & innovation

Chess may be a serious, cranial game, but a former World Champion had no problem cracking jokes. “I was born in the Deep South of the Soviet Union, near Georgia,” Garry Kasparov said about his birth in the Caucasus.

Kasparov brings global issues to light in Graham Chapel lecture

Chess legend Garry Kasparov delivered a lecture Monday afternoon in Graham Chapel on global economics and politics, discussing the overarching issues the world is currently facing and offering ideas on how society can move forward.

Missouri records one of warmest winters in history

With temperatures set to soar into the 90s this week, students are reacting to the unusually balmy weather. According to a study by the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions, this winter was the fourth-warmest winter on record in the United States.

Bear Bucks expansion has negligible effect on businesses’ profits

Although the Bear Bucks program may be a convenient option for Washington University students, most businesses to join the program have seen little or no increase in revenue.

| Contributing Reporter

WU study finds nurtured children have greater brain development

A recent study at the Early Emotional Development Program of the Washington University School of Medicine has shown that early emotional support and nurturing helps increase the rate of brain development in young children.

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