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Occupational therapy offers new program

The Occupational Therapy program at Wash. U. School of Medicine will offer a Ph.D. program in Rehabilitation and Participation Science (RAPS) through the College of Arts and Sciences next school year.

| Staff Reporter

Students save thousands through Rent-a-Text program

Rent-a-Text, a new textbook rental system, was initiated beginning Fall 2010 at Washington University. Many students have already saved money this semester, and Rent-a-Text is expected to continue providing benefits to students.

| Contributing Reporter

Effective college cost on the rise after period of decline

The tuition crisis is worsening as the fees for attending both public and private institutions continue to rise at a pace far exceeding the rate of inflation.

| Contributing Reporter

New ResLife fees meet criticism from students

Starting in January, the Office of Residential Life will charge for rooms like Mudd Multipurpose. According to ResLife, the new policy will improve the most demanded meeting spaces. The reservation fees will go toward maintaining the space.

| Contributing Editor

Positions created in community relations

Rose Windmiller and Leah Merrifield assumed new positions in the Office of Government and Community Relations on September 1. Windmiller will serve as the assistant vice chancellor for government and community relations, and Merrifield will work as the executive director for academic-civic engagement.

| Contributing Reporter

Campus safety a concern for some

Last week’s robbery and the related University-wide e-mails have heightened student awareness of safety on and off campus. While some students say they continue to feel as safe as ever, others say they are more fearful.

| Contributing Reporter

Textbooks: the cheaper the better

Classes have begun, and buying textbooks is on everybody’s mind. There is an easy and convenient way to take care of it all at once: the Campus Bookstore. Purchasing books is certainly simple. There is, however, a downside: the bookstore is very expensive.

| Scene Reporter

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