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Anti-immigration protests spread to Blunt’s office

Nationwide protests against President Donald Trump’s executive order on immigration—which has been called a “Muslim ban”—and other immigration policies spread to the Clayton, Mo. offices of Senator Roy Blunt this past Wednesday.

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Annual tuition forum notes modest progress toward affordability

Chancellor Mark Wrighton and other Washington University leaders noted the progress the University has made toward becoming more affordable while acknowledging the immense difficulties of pursuing need-blind admissions at Tuesday night’s annual tuition forum.

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Antics as activism: Student purchases election-related URL

As Election Day approaches, students are sharing their political beliefs around campus and on social media in lots of different ways. One student, senior Brian Lam, created a prank website to share his—and has since generated over 1.5 million page views.

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WU protests falter, community efforts prevail

Students and community members took advantage of America’s attention to demonstrate for a variety of issues as the nation’s eyes and news cameras turned to Washington University and the St. Louis area.

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Inconveniences, political tensions lead to student ambivalence over debate

As Washington University gears up to host the Oct. 9 presidential debate, students have mixed feelings about the impact of having a debate on campus.

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Art Council to fund art installations for upcoming debate

In an effort to showcase the talents of the student body on the national stage, Art Council will fund a number of student-created installations on campus for next month’s presidential debate.

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Loop Trolley construction inches towards completion

Students, St. Louis residents and tourists alike can expect a new way to get around the Delmar Loop as the controversial Delmar Loop Streetcar Trolley is on track to begin service this coming April after over a year of construction.

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Tuition forum talks financial aid, avoids discussion of adjunct compensation

Administrators discussed plans to increase need-based financial aid while remaining need-aware at Monday night’s Student Union tuition forum. Upper-level administrators presented information about tuition increases and socioeconomic diversity efforts before a question-and-answer session.

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Community members support landfill fire awareness efforts

Green Action will host a panel on Tuesday to discuss efforts set in place to prevent a smoldering underground fire from reaching soil containing WWII-era nuclear waste at the West Lake Landfill in North County.

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“Wash U Inc.” panel discusses role of corporate business model at WU

A panel on whether or not Washington University should operate like a business prompted conversation on the University’s branding and its treatment of employees, including adjunct faculty and service workers.

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