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Study finds ‘Freshman 15’ is actually 2.7

Many college students are all too acquainted with the phrase “Freshman 15.” But according to a recent study on freshman weight gain, the Freshman 15 may be just a myth.

| Staff Reporter

Campus Life Office reaping the benefits of new director post

The merging of the director of Greek life and director of student activities into one position has brought promising results for both the Department of Campus Life and the student body.

| Staff Reporter

Legislation supplies additional $10 billion for biomed research

A new act passed this year has brought direct changes to the number of research funding applications from the Washington University School of Medicine. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) provided an additional $10 billion from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to be allocated for biomedical research over the period of two fiscal years. The roughly estimated $20 billion per year available for biomedical research projects from the NIH has increased by around 25 percent to approximately $25 billion per year.

| Staff Reporter

University prepares for possible swine flu outbreak

Following suit with other colleges across the country, Washington University has made preparations for a possible outbreak of the swine flu this coming winter.

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ResLife to house Village BLOCs in former fraternity houses

Since the eviction of Sigma Alpha Mu and Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternities from their respective Greek houses on Fraternity Row, the Office of Residential Life has taken over both House 1 and House 6 to use for upperclassmen bloc housing.

| Contributing Reporter

Life as an architecture undergraduate at WU

Students in the College of Arts & Sciences may have until the end of sophomore year to choose their majors, but students in Washington University’s four other schools focus their curricula from their first days on campus. One of the most focused of those curricula is that of the College of Architecture.

| Contributing Reporter

Symposium examines Tokyo war tribunal

With the hope of exposing students and faculty to voices from a variety of disciplines, the Joint Center for East Asian Studies hosted a symposium on the Tokyo Trial last Friday. The Joint Center for East Asian Studies was established in 1991 by Washington University and University of Missouri-St Louis as part of an effort […]

| Contributing Reporter

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