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WU students react to University City’s zero-tolerance policy

Students returning from spring break were greeted with an e-mail sent by Residential Life concerning off-campus behaviors. “I want to make you aware that the University has received numerous complaints about student behavior while traveling back and forth to campus through University City neighborhoods,” Justin Carroll, the associate vice chancellor for students and the dean of students, wrote in the e-mail.

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Schools aim for consensus on future of student aid programs

In order to settle the current battle regarding the distribution of scholarship money in the Access Missouri program, officials from 10 universities have gathered to try to reach a consensus on the issue.

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Architects struggling amid economic turmoil

As Americans do their best to weather the economic storm, architects throughout the country are finding themselves losing their footholds. Nationally, approximately 30 percent of architects are unemployed. According to statistics released by the American Institute of Architects for July 2008, architectural firms across the nation were employing a total of 224,000 people. By January 2009, that number had dropped to 206,000.

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PB&J sandwich: more concerns for food allergies on campus?

For students who eat at the South 40 sandwich bar, most will likely notice the new sign posted above the counter indicating that peanut butter and jelly sandwich is now a new made-to-order option. While this may be a moment for those PB&J sandwich lovers out there to rejoice, it can turn out to be a nightmare for those with peanut allergy.

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Former dean of engineering dies at 60

Christopher I. Byrnes, a former dean of the School of Engineering & Applied Science at Washington University, died earlier this week in Stockholm, Sweden.

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WU’s graduation rate far higher than average, but some schools lag

Each year as seniors in colleges and universities across the country prepare for the ceremony that puts a closure to their university careers, a little less than half of those will not graduate with their peers, according to a recent report.

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Study abroad on the decline?

While universities across the nation have seen a decline in the number of students studying abroad, it is still uncertain whether the suffering economy will keep students in St. Louis.

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Surgical team gives patient artificial heart

The Washington University cardiac surgical team at Barnes-Jewish Hospital successfully implanted an FDA-approved artificial heart in a 47-year-old patient on Oct. 27. The seven- hour-long surgery was led by Nader Moazami and assisted by I-Wen Wang.

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Is there a correlation between college students and mental health issues?

When a roommate or suitemate comes down with the flu or mononucleosis, usually one can easily recognize that he or she is sick. But when a friend suffers from depression or anxiety, the symptoms are often much less obvious. According to recent national surveys of campus therapists, there is a rising trend of students seeking psychiatric help in colleges across the country.

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University to donate land for new U. City fire station

The University City Fire Department is being relocated after being stationed for almost 80 years at the City Hall Annex. The new fire station is expected to be built on land donated by Washington University at the northwest corner of Vernon and Westgate Avenues.

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