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Banquet on 40 celebrates interracial marriage case

Imagine a world without Barack Obama, Derek Jeter and Shakira. Students gathered in college hall Friday night for the Loving Day Banquet, to celebrate the Loving v. Virginia case, which allowed the parents of these celebrities and other interracial couples in America to legally marry.

| Contributing Reporter

Women’s Soccer Get Another Shot at NCAAs

Last year, the Washington University women’s soccer team went the furthest that it has ever gone in program history, falling one goal short of an NCAA National Championship. This year, there was uncertainty whether or not the team would even make the post-season with its 10-7-2 record (3-2-2 University Athletic Association).
On Monday, the team received its fifth consecutive Division III NCAA Tournament bid and will face Allegheny College in the first round of play on Friday at 1:30 p.m.

| Sports Reporter

Ghosthunters look for spirits on Danforth campus

On the evening before Halloween, a small group of Washington University students entered Graham Chapel armed with a few gadgets and their five senses. Their mission: determine if paranormal activity was present.

| Scene Reporter

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