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Bad Siri

According to Apple, Siri on the iPhone 4S can help you get things done. But in reality, the digital assistant will only you help you get things done that she deems morally sound. And oddly enough, pursuit of marijuana and dumping a dead body are endeavors that she permits, though getting an abortion is not.

| Staff Columnist

Women in politics

Tuesday, Nov. 8, Missouri will hold special elections in four districts. Nine candidates are running, among them, four are women. In the most recent Student Union elections on our campus, women nearly achieved parity: Women secured four of the 10 Treasury positions and three of the eight College of Arts & Sciences Senator positions.

| Scene Reporter

Romance 101: Technology

Is technology killing romance? Back when our parents courted and dated, the extent of their communication was either phone calls, snail mail and in-person interaction. Now, we text, Google Chat, use Facebook and tweet. Does the convenience of social media and technology foster intimacy or lead to miscommunications, mixed messages and overanalyzing?

| Staff Columnist

Eyes up here: the respect women owe themselves

What’s wrong with a sheer shirt and lipstick? Several weeks ago, The New York Times published an article detailing the disparity between women’s recent academic and professional strides and their continued objectification in various social situations. This is not a new debate.

| Scene Columnist

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